Design Services
Our workflow design service will take your project from requirements capture, functional design to detailed design. Working with either your choice of vendor, or recommended by us, we'll ensure the end result is a usable solution
We have extensive knowledge in capturing, defining, calculating, specifying and deploying file based workflows. Working with key storage and management technology vendors, we have the experience to build your solutions
Understanding and specifying the scope and complexity of your business requirements is key to specifying your project. Our proven volumetric capture expertise will ensure a cost effective, yet performant storage solution for your file based workflows
Our volumetric capture methodology leads to better network design. We'll ensure an efficient and cost effective solution, which we can then provide the very best skilled team to deploy
Using the latest CAD technology, we can provide full schematic design services to cover all of your video, audio, control and network requirements
Good layout design for equipment racks and control desks comes from years of experience. Operational surfaces are designed with your production and operations needs in mind, leading to elegant, usable solutions
Operational design is just as important as good technical design. Often this is overlooked at the design stage of a project, but we make it a key task to engage your operational staff in making key design decisions
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