The Broadcast Industry has always been changing, and by its nature, will continue to evolve. It’s also a unique industry, not like any other. That leads to opportunities and challenges for our customers. Opportunities to deliver better, more compelling content in new and exciting ways; challenges in using new technologies in cost effective, efficient ways without having to go to the expense of retraining staff and dramatically changing proven workflows.

Advanced Broadcast Integration is here to turn those challenges into opportunities for our customers. Our approach is simple: by understanding what broadcasters do today, and what they want to achieve in the future should always come first. Once a clear definition of requirement is reached, the next step is to define business and operational workflows. Then, and only then, are technology decisions made to enable those requirements.

We are a truly independent Systems Integration services company. We focus on services to help our customer make the best technology decisions, without being biased to any manufacturers. All of our revenue comes from selling services, allowing us to maintain 100% neutrality of the technology mix.

Integration services shouldn’t stop at design and install. All systems involve people, so we believe training should be at the heart of any services offering. That’s why more than 30% of our business comes from delivering training targeted to the needs of our customers.

Because we know what it is that broadcasters need to achieve in their day to day business, that places us well to define and deliver specialist IT services (such as IP networks, server and storage build). With access to a pool of talented IT contractors, and with a deep understanding of broadcast systems, we’ll deliver your Broadcast-IT systems that will perform to your operational and business requirements
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