Services For Integrators
Bid response
System Design
Training Services
IT Network
Workflow design
Whether you need us to prepare an entire RfP response, or just the IT and workflow parts, we have the skill and the tools to help you provide a detailed response that will help you win and de-risk your business
SI design is more than just schematics and layouts these days (although we can help with that too!). Understanding and designing good workflows for your clients is core to our business
If your project has to deliver any training elements, we can put together a training programme that includes managing vendor specific offering as well as operational and systems courses, allowing you to offer a better, more targeted mix of training to your clients
We provide design and implementation services for all IT parts of your systems, including server build, network design and deployment, storage systems, IT integration and system snagging & optimisation
Understanding and implementing end customer workflow design is core to our business. We can take projects from concept through to finished systems which will deliver to your customers' requirements and your budgets
We are a broadcast industry company, providing engineering services for complete broadcast systems from production through post to transmission. Engineering design, implementation and snagging is core to our business
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